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미래사회통합연구센터 ::::: Vol.3 No.2(2019) "US-China competition in the Indo-Pacific" by. Young Ho Kim
Vol.3 No.2(2019) "US-China competition in the Indo-Pacific" by. Young Ho Kim
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| Abstract | The U.S.-China relations have leaned toward overt confrontation and competition with inauguration of the Trump Administration. While this change of relations between the two countries is shown most salient in the economic area with an on-going trade war, the military realm is also another lively contesting area. This growing trend of competition and confrontation between U.S. and China, especially in the military area engenders serious concerns to many countries in the region. With increasing uncertainty and instability, it compels many not only to wonder about their necessary defense postures and capabilities but also to make choices on siding with either one of the two. To avoid such a difficult situation and make smarter security policy choices, it is important for the countries in the region to understand the nature and direction of the U.S.-China military competition more clearly. Thus, this article aims to help these regional countries by explaining the main features of the military strategies and measures that each country has pursued and employed competitively for the past ten years or so. More concretely, it attempts to analyze China’s A2/AD strategy and the U.S. JAM-GC, MDO, and JCIC. And then, as a conclusion, it will discuss three implications for the future security policy-making of the regional countries, particularly South Korea.

Keywords: U.S.-China rivalry, Anti-access/area-denial(A2/AD), JAM-GC, Multidomain operations, Cross-domain synergy, Integrated campaigning, Competition continuum, Indo-Pacific strategy

No. Title Vol Issue Year
7 Vol.3 No.2(2019) Regulations on Research Ethics and Editorial Standards 3 2 2019
6 Vol.3 No.2(2019) "China Threat Discourses of the Trump Administration" by. Jih Un Kim 3 2 2019
5 Vol.3 No.2(2019) "US-China competition in the Indo-Pacific" by. Young Ho Kim 3 2 2019
4 Vol.3 No.2(2019) "Indonesian-EU comprensive partnership agreement" by. Stanislaus Risadi Apresian and Sylvia Yazid 3 2 2019
3 Vol.3 No.2(2019) "Crisis of EU Governance and risk of integration" by. Yun-Chen Lai and Chin-Peng Chu 3 2 2019
2 Vol.3 No.2(2019) Contents 3 2 2019
1 Vol.3 No.2(2019) Cover 3 2 2019
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